Ideal for small to medium offices with multiple providers.


Buy more and save.  One Size Fits all. 


[PROTECTION] Thick durable plastic shield protects your whole face from spray, splatter, and droplet.  Elastic strap allows for angled full-face coverage

[CLEAR VISION] Clear plastic offers clear anti-fog and anti-glare vision so providers can complete their work without precision

[COMFORT] Soft cushion padding and elastic headband allows for full-day comfort. Elastic headband allows for comfortable fit

[REUSABLE] Properly sanitizing your shield before and after every use allows for extended use.  Good for your pocket and the environment!

[USES] Customer/patient separation, separation between co-workers, yardwork, shopping, sports



Face Shield - 10 Pack

$20.00 Regular Price
$15.00Sale Price
  • Face Shields are intended for single-users with the following cleaning and usage guidelines.  All Face Shields should be removed and sanitized if it becomes visibly soiled or difficult to see through. 

    Cleaning: Every Face Shield should be physically cleaned and disinfected on all surfaces front and back with medical grade disinfectant, rinsed, and allowed to air dry. Gloves should be worn when cleaning and disinfecting the clear face shield. Full face shields should be discarded if any parts (elastic bank, sponge headband, transparent film) become damaged. Each user should be sure not to touch the outside of the protective face shield. If they touch or adjust their face shield they must immediately perform the sanitization process.

    Refer to CDC guidance for proper removal of PPE.